Enhance your condition-based maintenance strategy with testing and monitoring solutions from Monitra

Keeping Your Critical Assets On-line

When it comes to mining, we know that the condition of your HV assets is critical to production output and non-process infrastructure. With the increase in market demand for mined resources, failures are expensive and detrimental to both your production output and the safety of your workers.

At Monitra, we’re here to ensure that you have all the data-driven insights your reliability team needs to make informed maintenance decisions and keep your assets running. With testing and monitoring solutions suitable for rotating machines, cables, transformers and switchgear, our global team of experts is here to support you with your condition-based maintenance scheme.

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Atlas by Monitra™

The transformational cloud-based data management platform

  • Complete visibility on the condition of your HV assets is available at the touch of a button.
  • Recommendations available on an asset-by-asset basis, enabling you to ensure your maintenance budget remains cost-efficient.
  • The cloud-based platform allows for secure storage of data sheets, historical test information and running conditions, allowing for reliable benchmarking over time.
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Ensure the Reliability of Your Critical Assets with Monitoring Solutions by Monitra

Our patented remote monitoring solution involves the utilisation of our Kronos Monitors and the installation of high voltage partial discharge sensors, which are installed at your site’s central switchgear.

Coupled with the Atlas by Monitra™ interface, your assets' data are gathered there at your fingertips, giving you the insight you need to enact targeted maintenance work when required.

Our monitoring solution is already helping producers in the field.  Click here to see how our monitoring solutions helped to keep an Australian mining operator’s critical switchgear on-line.

Testing Solutions Across Your Asset Range

From production to distribution, Monitra’s experienced team of test engineers are here to provide a wide range of test services and experienced consultation, helping you to make more informed maintenance decisions.

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