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Atlas by Monitra™

Atlas by Monitra™ is our flagship data interface, allowing asset owners and maintainers to monitor the condition of their plant anywhere in the world. The Atlas system holds condition monitoring information, giving the user a comprehensive health ranking of assets and enabling prioritisation of maintenance activities. Atlas integrates both current and historical test results, as well as asset monitoring data and visual inspection reports; this is presented on a dashboard through data visualisation.

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Benefits of the Atlas System

  • Atlas provides clear recommendations laying out the next suggested maintenance steps on an asset-by-asset basis, facilitating failure prevention.
  • Atlas' information privacy and cyber security policy is underwritten via trusted third party audit, ensuring the safety and availability of data.
  • Data benchmarking allows you to compare your assets' condition against a wider set of historical data, providing unique insights into the condition of your plant.
  • Automated reports are provided after every test and are available at the click of a button - they can also be exported to PDF at any time.
  • Atlas provides effective classification of different PD conditions, based on deep learning techniques, improving system accuracy and reliability.
  • Atlas can store a vast array of data safely from asset condition information, GPS locations, reports, pictures and ad hoc or proprietary raw data sets.

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