Testing Solutions

Regular testing of the health and performance of your most critical HV assets is essential in maintaining operational excellence

Through the data management of current and past test results, Atlas by Monitra™ provides reporting on asset issues and vulnerabilities. This allows you to address those issues with targeted remedial works, preventing unplanned outages and improving site safety. Contact us today via our online form to see how we can assist you with your asset management journey.

Benefits of Our Testing Solutions

  • Performing and witnessing after manufacture HV and Offline testing as part of routine and type test programs
  • Monitored HV withstand testing to detect transport damage and ensure installation integrity during site acceptance tests
  • Routine and after repair On-line and Offline testing to detect insulation degradation in operating equipment
  • Support your condition-based maintenance schemes, reducing unplanned outages, downtime and maintenance costs

Our global team of experts provide a range of test services, utilising high voltage partial discharge (HVPD) sensors and the Kronos Spot Tester, supported by ML-42 machine learning algorithms. By combining detailed testing, hybrid cloud software and expert consultation, Monitra offers comprehensive solutions for maintaining consistent, reliable operations.

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