Rotating Machines

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Insulation Faults in Rotating Machines

Rotating machines are often the most production-critical assets in your network, so when they fail your operations grind to a halt. Common causes of issues include voids and delamination in the stator winding insulation, as well as slot discharges. Without remedial action, insulation defects quicken the ageing of a rotating machines and contribute heavily to eventual failure, costing you both financially and in terms of production.

With Monitra’s comprehensive range of monitoring and testing solutions, enhance the longevity of your machines and reduce your OpEx costs, whilst increasing safety and avoiding unplanned outages.

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Your Assets. One Map. Atlas by Monitra™

Atlas by Monitra™

The transformational cloud-based data management platform

  • With Atlas by Monitra™ you can benchmark your assets’ health over time across numerous sites using our intuitive map-based user interface.
  • Data-driven recommendations for each individual rotating machine are provided to help you pinpoint where you need to allocate your maintenance budget.
  • Keep all your asset information, from historical test data to asset photos and data sheets, in one place with secure cloud storage.
  • For more information, click here.

Spot Insulation Defects Early with Our Monitoring Solutions

Complete Network Monitoring - Covering All Your Critical Machines

  • Our patented remote monitoring solution was specifically developed to monitor the condition of Ex/ATEX rated motors without entering the hazardous zone.
  • By installing high voltage partial discharge sensors at your site’s central switchgear, we can remotely monitor your entire network.
  • Combined with Atlas, our monitoring solution enables customers to have a comprehensive view into the condition of their most critical machines.
  • To see how we have helped our customers, take a look at how we developed this solution to help a large Central Asian oil company monitor over 100 motors here.

Testing Solutions for Your Critical Motors and Generators

Utilising the Kronos Spot Tester, our team of test engineers can perform a range of testing solutions to support your condition-based maintenance schemes, and help you keep your fleet of machines operating at full efficiency.

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