Motor Current Signature Analysis

Non-intrusive diagnosis of stator winding issues

MCSA testing is a non-intrusive diagnostic technique used to assess the electrical health of motors, by evaluating variations in the standard 50/60 Hz current waveform.

By breaking down the waveform into its constituent frequencies, deviations from the expected waveform can be identified. This can indicate potential motor issues such as damaged rotor bars and eccentricity.

Using the Kronos Spot Tester, testing can be carried out where the measurement current transformers are installed.

Using MCSA with Atlas by Monitra™ for monitoring and trending the degradation of AC motor rotors allows for the early diagnosis of developing faults. MCSA is a cost-effective program that helps asset managers to optimise their reliability-focused maintenance strategies.

Test Standards.

IEEE 1331

IEEE Guide for the measurement of partial discharges in rotating machinery

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