Monitoring Solution

Continuously safeguard the integrity of your network with our 24/7 monitoring solution

Our monitoring solution provides uninterrupted assessment of your HV infrastructure

Monitoring the health and performance of your HV assets is essential in maintaining operational excellence. Through the continuous acquisition of monitoring data, Atlas by Monitra™ provides reporting on asset health and performance without allocating labour, helping to identify changes in an asset’s behaviour that signal a developing fault.

The monitoring process utilises high voltage partial discharge sensors and Kronos Monitors, supported by ML-42 machine learning algorithms. This data is collected and analysed at specified intervals to provide useful information for maintenance planning. The anomalies observed usually stem from fluctuations in the electric field within the insulating material which can, over time, weaken the system if not managed.

Continuous monitoring helps organizations identify long-term degradation patterns. This allows for planned maintenance or other remedial actions to prevent system failures. By doing so, asset lifespan and operational efficiency are improved, while also making better use of maintenance resources.

By combining condition monitoring, hybrid cloud software and expert consultation, Monitra offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining consistent, reliable operations.

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Benefits of Our Monitoring Solution

  • Avoid unplanned outages – thereby reducing costs, preventing production loss and improving safety
  • Reduce downtime response by identifying the cause of faults quicker
  • View the health of your assets easily from anywhere in the world
  • Decrease costs through targeted maintenance
  • Make the switch from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance
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Kronos Monitor

Designed for 24/7 continuous monitoring of complete MV/HV networks, our On-line high voltage partial discharge monitoring technology enables early detection of incipient insulation faults, allowing preventative action to be carried out, helping to avoid unplanned outages and achieve operational excellence.

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