HexWave by Monitra

Introducing HexWave by Monitra

HexWave is the latest innovation in our suite of partial discharge condition monitoring tools, designed to replace the ageing oscilloscope PCB with a more advanced and efficient solution.

Cutting Edge Specifications and Design

HexWave is engineered to surpass the capabilities of the existing oscilloscope PCB, providing a seamless transition in monitoring technology with enhanced features:

  • Consolidated PCB design: approximately half the size, making our units lighter
  • Power efficiency: requires 6 W less to power, saving your energy
  • Reduced noise: features a lower noise floor of 500 uV versus 5 mV, allowing more precise measurements than ever
  • Rapid data communication: faster data transfer rates at 5 Gbit
  • Expanded memory: equipped with 2 GB of memory, a significant increase from the existing 6 MB
  • Improved reliability: our new design has been engineered to the highest standard of stability and resilience

Future Enhancements

Looking ahead, HexWave will continue to evolve with features that significantly enhance its performance such as:

  • Faster UHF frequency range scans
  • Extended acquisition time
  • Increased data processing speeds
  • Precision enhancement
  • Optimized power usage in battery powered systems

HexWave is not just a replacement; it’s a substantial upgrade that provides better performance, reliability, and futureproofing for high voltage condition monitoring systems.

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